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Thread: X854 Fax Issue

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    X854 Fax Issue

    I have an X854e connected to a VoIP system. The unit will intermittently get busy signals when sending faxes, even with "On Hook" dialing. Took ECM correction off & it seemed to help for about a week, but customer called and said it is back. They put another fax unit on the same line with no problems. If anyone has any ideas, it would be appreciated.

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    Re: X854 Fax Issue

    See if you can find out if the VOIP system is up to standards. Having to turn off ECM is a clue for that. At least it was for us when we had faxing problems on a substandard VOIP system.

    (While it is somewhat unlikely, I guess another thing that turning off ECM could indicate is that the fax machine your machine is communicating with is old. Here's why:
    As long as fax technology has existed, there has been a set amount of space for fax commands. In the early days the total amount of commands filled half that space. Good manufacturers filled the unused space with nothing, but other manufacturers filled it with nonsense. Didn't make a difference then, nobody used the unused space.
    But now that modern fax machines use that space for common advanced features and also features specific to each brand, the nonsense in the formerly unused space on older machines looks like actual fax commands to the newer machines. That can cause apparently random and unexplainable results, differing even among machines from different manufacturers with similar capabilities. ECM has been a common problem for this, at least from what I've seen.)

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