Hi All.
I have a Lexmark M3150 which for the most part is dead. This isn't the first time this machine has been on my bench with this problem. Earlier in the year I was called out because it was dead. You can hear a relay switch and a green led lights up on the controller board. The fan twitches, but that's all you get. There is no life on the control panel at all. The last time we replaced the PSU, but this didn't immediately fix the fault. The machine was in the same state as before. After removing all the plugs from the Controller board one by one and reseating them, it suddenly came to life. I was about to order a controller board at this point, but as it was working we decided to test it for a few days and return it to the customer. It was fine all term long at the school and when they returned and fired it up again this term.... same issue.
I am pretty certain that there is no issue with PSU. I've unplugged everything, only leaving power supply and control panel intact, but this sucker won't budge. We're going to order a controller board tomorrow, but I wanted to know if any of you have had any issues like this before?
Many thanks in advance