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  1. I work out of Caro, MI but we only work on printers for the pharmacies that we service. I'm the "printer guy" for a company that sells computer systems to pharmacies for handling all of the prescriptions, insurance, and etc for them. Kyocera 4020's are what we sell currently, but with them being discontinued in the near future we are looking at the 4200's to replace them. Have you worked with either of them in the past?
  2. Welcome shamgar. I've covered the thumb for many years and never crossed paths with you. Most recently I'm working metropolitan Detroit. =^..^=
  3. Hey I just joined the forum recently hoping to get some information from you. in this thread post #4 you mentioned being a member of a kyocera only forum, I was just wondering if I can get a link to that forum? And greetings from a fellow Michigander. Thanks!
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