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  1. Hi Anders, sorry I didn't see your message earlier. I didn't get the PWS to work but I didn't try so hard also because I eventually bought a laptop with PWS installed. When I find time I will look again at the one you sent me to see how I can install more machines onto my laptop
  2. Hi Gus.Dont know who to ask so I try with you. Have you got the PWS to work by the way. I haven't tried yet since I haven't use my dc12 in a long time.
    No to my problem. Tried the other day to print som calendars and it worked perfect for about 200 pages but the the red color get porer and porer and know when trying to copy red papers and other stuf the red is just pink. same color every time.
    Do you have an idea what has happened?
    Hälsningar Anders
  3. Hej. Just popped in and is wondering if the program worked?
    Since im not selling any calenders my machine just stands now and have done that för a couple of months. What do you think- is it bad for it not to get used for a while or what?
    Hälsningar Anders
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