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    Scan set up on MFX 2030/1430

    I got couple of these machines but need to set up scan toemail or at least scant to folder or FTP
    Is there any special way or walk trough???
    Is there a special program to set up the scanconfiguration???
    Will it work on windows 7?

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    Re: Scan set up on MFX 2030/1430

    Setup is not bad and works well on windows 7. Create your folder on the C drive, and make sure you share it properly. You can create a shortcut on the desk top. Then from the op panel of the muratec, you start by selecting scan and start browsing. it pretty much looks for the folder as you go.

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    Re: Scan set up on MFX 2030/1430

    go to and download office bridge. it is about 200mb zip file and downloads very slow, like 2 hours. when you finish download make sure you unzip completely. this will have new drivers on it for win7. windows 7 does not support browsing so set up a folder on the desk top with full share with all rights to view, print and so on. if you have a problem you can make a folder in the public shared folder and create a shortcut and place the short cut on the desk top. open firefox or explorer and type http:\\(network address) this will open window in the copier and when the window opens go down the screen til you find an icon that says folder short cut.
    do not use the browse button, fill in shortcut name that will show up on the screen. the pathway will be \\(your computer name\(your shared folder name) then save.
    go to control panel, go to system icon and see your computer name.
    note: if you can not share your folder or see your folder, go back and turn on network sharing, file sharing and printer sharing. for some reason people turn these off and you will never get it to work.


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