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    Samsung ML-3051ND duplex skew

    Hello, this is my first post in this trove of copytech knowledge.

    First off the description of the issue with the printer (Samsung ML-3051ND):
    • when printing double-sided the front page shows a skew (clockwise ~ 5deg, sometimes less)
    • the back page shows no skew
    • when printing single-sided, the front page does not show any skew
    • the skew looks as if the image is slightly rotated clockwise
    • no problems with overall quality of the printed image
    • usually no jamming; no errors

    After an occasional jam (too many sheets picked up from feeder), the first duplex-print is skew-free, but next duplex-print is skewed again.

    I checked the paper-path for any debris, and it looks clear.
    The duplex unit looks visibly clean too.

    I got hold of exploded parts view to get better understanding of the internals, but not sure where to direct my prying eye.

    I appreciate any ideas about possible reasons for the duplex-only skew.

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    Samsung ML-3051ND duplex skew

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    Cool Re: Samsung ML-3051ND duplex skew

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    Re: Samsung ML-3051ND duplex skew

    I posted the question, I found the solution too (eventually

    In short, the following rollers got a brush up -- duplex unit rollers, exit, feed.

    The duplex unit in this model is rather basic, rollers are only on one side, so these wear faster and may lead to a slight slip. However the exit rollers are the ones that initially drive the page into duplex unit. So both of these would be to check first. Then also a set of idler rollers at the exit from the fuser.
    Finally, once the pages is reversed it has to be grabbed by the feed roller, so it may also need a look (however it supposed to work the same for simplex, which works ok in this case)

    Hope it helps to anyone else with duplex skew.

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