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    HP Internet Fax to send to eGoldFax

    Hello all, I am trying to set up Internet Fax on a new HP E62565. I have configured the email SMTP server and that is successful at sending emails within and outside the organization. I go to the Fax tab in the webpage, check the box for "Enable Fax Send" and set the Fax send method to "Internet Fax Service". The SMTP information is listed and correct, the SMTP is set for Send email, Internet fax, Automated Emails, and Auto Send. In the Internet Fax Provider Domains I enter "" click "Add". is listed in the available domains. In the Default Internet Fax Provider Domains is listed. Not sure what to put in the T.37 prefix field. I have a default Fax Account Email Address listed (the same that is in the SMTP settings under Scan/Digital Send tab. I do not have the "Auto Complete to North America Numebring Plan box checked. I have tried it checked and not checked. I go to test the fax and get an "Invalid Format" error when trying to send the fax. All the information I have read and been told this is correct. Just can't make it work. Any ideas as to what I am missing?

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