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    Nashuatec 4545 won't copy.

    Hello Everyone.

    I'm new to the forum (after a quick google search) and would be grateful for your assistance in regards to a Nashuatec 4545 copier.

    The copier has laid unused for a while but having tried to operate it recently there seems to be a serious problem.

    The copier comes up with an' update scanner feature' message on the LED. The problem is that when one tries to copy a page the copier doesn't do a good job at all. It only seems to copy a couple of lines from the page and even these are very light and hardly readable.

    There doesn't seem to be a problem in the mechanical movements of the copier in receiving and removing the papers, as such.

    We have cleaned the face of the scanner and opened it up and cleaned the glass etc but it has not solved the problem. A new toner has also been put into the Nashuatec 4545.

    Any assistance in trying to get this machine working properly would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I have tried searching the forums on here but have not found anything relevant.


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    Nashuatec 4545 won't copy.

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    Re: Nashuatec 4545 won't copy.

    Hi,you're description could any of a number of things,without seeing the printout it is very hard to be specific.I suggest you get a quote for
    a tech to come out for an inspection only of the machine.
    One thing might help is if you print out a counter report,this eliminates the scanner.If the printout is fine then its the scanner,if the printout is not fine then it is the internal image formation area which has problems.
    Good luck.


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