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Thread: Dp 2330 j19

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    Dp 2330 j19

    having trouble with this machine getting j19s. Replaced actuator sensor above reg roller and ran 150 duplexed copies with no jams...hmmm..prob solved. Hour later get a call back saying it's doing it again. Replaced duplex clutch ran 75 with no jams. Hour later call saying it's doing it again. Had them use just letter-r tray and not getting any problems. Later in the day they used letter tray again for 2-2 (65 copies) with no problems. Looking for some suggestions! Thanks for reading..

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    Dp 2330 j19

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    Re: Dp 2330 j19

    ive had a few of these, try cleaning all rollers and drive gears, bushings on door .

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    Re: Dp 2330 j19

    Check the four screws on the underside of the fuser. If the front screw is the wrong one, it catches the duplex / transfer baffle. It is the one without the washer.
    The registration sensor is below the reg roller. The code means its not making it from duplex 4 to the reg sensor. Check the pinch rolls and spring are still there.
    LT-R always runs better it seems, especially on heavier stock.

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