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    What was your biggest oopsy on a call??

    Like accidentally blowing toner all over the room or such??

    But more embarrrasing....

    "Some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you."

    Cdr. William Riker

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    What was your biggest oopsy on a call??

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    That would have to be when I was diagnosing a lens unit problem on a Mita DC142.

    To actually watch the lens unit operate, you have to remove the light source #1 (there only was 1 because of the moving tabletop). The self diagnostics were so rudimentary that it did not recognize that the lamp was removed.

    So here I am pressing the enlargement and reduction presets, watching the lens move forward, forward, back, back. I guess I wasn't paying too much attention to the live wires to the lamp. Then..

    KAPOW! All the lights went out in the back half of the office. Once we got the lights back on, you could see where the one lamp terminal welded itself quite nicely to the rear frame.

    The only other damage was the main breaker, which sounded like a lot of little broken parts in a cylindrical container. That was an easy fix, bypassing it with a fuse. But I still could not find my #2 Phillips.

    As I was slinking away (the copier working), I noticed my screwdriver stuck in the suspended ceiling tile, about 10 feet away. I guess the noise caught me by surprise.

    If you'd like a serious answer to your request:
    1) demonstrate that you've read the manual
    2) demonstrate that you made some attempt to fix it.
    3) if you're going to ask about jams include the jam code.
    4) if you're going to ask about an error code include the error code.

    blackcat: Master Of The Obvious =^..^=

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    I was servicing a old sst150 duplicator with a trainee. After cleaning the the unit, my trainee insisted we put ink in because the light was on. The ink for this unit came in a big plastic toothpaste shaped container that you squeezed into the top of the drum cylinder. I handed him the ink and said squeeze hard so you get all of it out. He did as told and when the tube reached empty it sounded like a Bull farting in a 50 gallon barrell. Did I mention we where working in school teachers workroom. That country boy turned 10 shades of red. I just covered my face to keep from laughing out loud. The joy of training.

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    I was shaking a bottle of savin770 toner one time and the customer walked up and started to talk to me. I stopped the shaking and put the bird feeder on and sense the customer was still running her mouth for some reason I started shaking the bottle again. The customers eyes went wide and she started pointing at the wall, you guessed it, I was painting a wall and the ceiling that weekend.

    Like the United States Postal Service It's a miracle it works!

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    picked a new school to service and the people before me had never brought their vac in befor so I had some cleaning to do. the lady that ran their copies though that was wonderfull how I had cleaned up their messy machines with my vac. a few week later I got a call for help from them (don't remember the problem ) but arriving at the copiers, it look liked someone had painted the walls black. asked what happened and they said they dropped the waste toner bottle and since I had did such a good job with my vac she just pulled hers out and started vacuuming. I told her about the difference in vac and fix machine an wished her luck with clean up. they had it cleaned up mostly by the next time I went there.

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    What was your biggest oopsy on a call??

    my very first "in the field" copier pm - had been doing pm's in office on Ricoh's. used the vacuum and fried a toshiba developer unit. boss was not too pleased.

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    The Minolta Di520/620 has a large waste toner bin, if it were fresh it would be about 100,000 pages worth of toner and my shop would not replace them, I had to empty them. I was on the top floor of the Army Special Operatons Command Center and had just emptied one. As I stood up and picked up my plastic bag, the bottom split and about 5 pounds of toner flowed across the floor and up the walls. I was there for 2 more hours with a trash can full of water and a box of paper towels cleaning up the copy room.

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    What was your biggest oopsy on a call??

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    3 months ago i fixed an ir2230 whit a pickup problems.It was copier for an bank. To get to pickups u had to dismantle large side cover whit 5 screws who covered complete right side. I cleaned pickups a lot of times to fix a problem but wasn't able to till i didn't get an modification. Machine worked so i left. Recently they called me(last week) because an image problem.

    First thing i saw was that big right side cover wasn't placed on copier. I saw 5 screws on the wall next to the machine in plastic box and an pickup roll.
    I was mad. I ask them an question "WHO TOUCHED THE MACHINE"
    They replayed
    "IT WAS YOU, YOU TOUCH IT LAST "................................................. .....

    I probably forgot to put the screws in the cover so he fell of when i left.....
    Can u feel what i feel whole last week

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    Maybe scratching TWO Di450 drums in a row

    Or the best one..
    I was in the middle of a pathology lab, doing a dev change on a Toshiba 2060... I tipped the old dev, cleaned out tank and such... OK
    Then I shook the dev bottle... OK
    Then I removed the dev bottle lid - and sat it on top of the bottle untightened... OK
    Then I shook the bottle again.

    Chimney sweep.

    And it was my birthday. Had to drive home with no shirt on (itchy!).

    If you are hitting your head up against a wall it always feels better when you stop.

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    Toner all over the place

    Like Jimbo 1 stated.

    adding toner to a machine, than it's on the floor, in the equipment, and it's on you !!!

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