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    don't you just love it

    Had an IT bloke log a call with us, as the KM device , which has been on site for over a year, wasn't working when he was trying to set up scanning on Office 365, apparently he'd spent "hours" on it, kept changing things, but every single scan had failed, far as he was concerned, it had to be the KM device that was faulty.... I talked him through interrogating the jog log, and asked him to see what the reason for deleting the job was, he said it didn't give a reason, all it said was "zero", I then asked him, "are you scanning a blank sheet of paper", "yes" he replied "but what difference will that make". I explained about how we set up blank page removal as the scanning default, he then wrote on the piece of paper....and worked....

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    Re: don't you just love it

    Two years ago I switched two printers in the office, both networked. My then service manager thought he caught me making an error as I hadn't "swapped" their ip addresses. He thought the ip stayed with the port, like the phone lines would when you swap faxes. I was just giving him a blank "are you kidding me?" look. He didn't last long.


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