Happened a couple years ago, but still funny. Had a veteran, smart-@$$ salesman ogle over a new model that I was training on. He was bragging this and that knowledge of the copiers, how sales make the company, service are peons etc. This was a b/w multifunction with color scanning only. I got my revenge by taking a break, walking to the other room, and making color copies on another machine. When he wasn't looking I snuck them into the paper tray of the trainer copier and called him over. I said hey Jack, how do you like the color copies that come out of this machine? He looked at me and said it is b/w not color, it can't make color copies. I told him that it would, and I fed a color test page in the doc feed so it imaged the blank side. Low and behold a color test page came out. Boy did the $$ signs shine in his eyes, a color copier for the price of b/w!!!! Of course this sales monkey had to show to another sales monkey. The second monkey saw through my rouse and pulled out the paper tray and handed the sheets to the first monkey.

I about "sharted" myself laughing so hard.