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    Re: Just how Crazy is Donald Trump!

    The USA is Canada's largest trading partner. American media dominates our daily lives. People around the world are concerned about the direction that President Trump is leading the USA.

    As long as we remain polite to each other, you seem not to understand why Copytechnet created the "Rant, Raves & Everything Else" forum on their website. It helps to create interest and draws more viewers like yourself to the website which in turn attracts more advertisers which helps to pay for its operations.

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    Re: Just how Crazy is Donald Trump!

    Quote Originally Posted by eddy out View Post
    George Soros... Don't you know who that is? Geo Bush would not pay you, but Soros would be so inclined. You stir up the stink and rebut about money? Good for you, but supporting the site does not give you the right to keep the stink going. It does seem that you are interested in USA talking points, butwhy? Why does it matter to you, as a Canadian? As an American, I must deal with this topic everyday. Why do you, as a Canadian, feel it necessary to pollute an industry website with your banter?
    Further, why did you begin and continue to contribute to this tread? I think you should get a puppy and find your safe space.
    You are more than welcome to contribute to the conversation instead of personally attacking someone who is simply supplying information. You also have the ability to simply ignore this thread. Either choice is fine.


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