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    Intersting customer and not the normal bizzarro posts about them

    Had an idea the other day when scrolling through the threads about cheapest customer, weirdest customer complaints the problem ones. And I thought how about posting something about those fun and good customers. Like one I had when I first started working on office machines. The company was on Miami Beach. They had fifteen old old IBM executive typewriters. Anytime they had a new inexperienced secretary they would put in a service call for training. They paid the hourly rate for me to sit and teach the new user how to actually use the features of the typewriter. All the typewriters were actually on a service contract were so any repairs were covered anyway. But the owners reasoned pay IBM, I worked for them then, for the hour of training. Then there would be so much less wasted time awaiting the tech to come in and show the operator how to put a ribbon in right, or change the margins. Those sorts of operator error service calls that cost him money because he was paying the secretary while she could not perform her job as a typist because she could not use the typewriter. He found the cost of a single paid service/training call actually saved him money in lost salaries paid for lost productivity time.

    Or the company that owned seven copiers and paid me to teach key operator skills every so often on a weekend. Again so work was not hampered by a "machine malfunction" while waiting for the tech to show up. Yes part of the training was also how to install toner. Replace the waste toner bottle. Clean the slit glass to get rid of lines on copies when using the document feeder. And how to clear occasional paper jams. Even how to put a note in a drawer "do not use paper jams from this tray service called" so the copier could still be used if the other trays worked without jams.

    there are of course more. If there weren't and all the customers were like the bozos we all would have found other work realfast unless it paida huge amount.

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    Re: Intersting customer and not the normal bizzarro posts about them

    Doesn't happen much anymore, but I was always appreciative of those customers having their Thanksgiving or Christmas lunches that would fill up a plate for me while I was there. Emujo


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