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    Re: Hurricane Florence

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil B. View Post
    I'm working on my new greeting: " Welcome to Walmart ... Do you need a cart today?

    So how does that sound Slim? Open to suggestions.

    My house - cars - boat all PIF!

    basically living expenses...

    after inheritance money in the bank too

    Stand in line... Ladies to the left Gents to the right. (Oh! forgot,that's not politically correct.)

    Re. Being replaced by cheap junior staff.
    Young people of today have no appreciation nor gratitude of senior experience. They have no way of knowing the expertise nor experience of senior staff. Senior staff are just a HR commodity; expandable and replaceable at any moment. If you are forced to move on the boss will learn through experience when its too late.

    I 've had a couple of bosses come back to me over the years and say I should never have let you go.
    Their ego's are wounded and their pride won't allow themselves to reconcile their employee mistake.
    Too bad I say, I hope the boss an his wounded pocket expenses (through lost staff) burns deep.

    Move on if you absolutely have too, otherwise I'd say stick it out...

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