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    Any Gear-Heads here? (and not the plastic kind)

    Just curious as to how many of you out there are more than just "copier techs". Is anyone else in the line of fixing, restoring, or building cars/motorcycles/trucks/ etc.? Got a favorite project? Favorite model car/truck/bike?

    From a very young age I was exposed to the "Hot Rod and Motorcycle Lifestyles" From my Father, Uncle, and their Friends, which led to me obsessing about vehicles and learning how to fix/ diagnose them at an early age. This passion for vehicles has followed me through my life, and I attribute my Copier Technician success to it. I do Mechanic work at night and on weekends for some people (enough to supplement the tech. paycheck), but have never wanted it to be my full-time job. On top of that I also buy old (and newer) Motorcycles (running or not) and restore/repair or customize and then re-sell (or keep, if I like the end-result).

    Current projects are a 1974 Honda CB750Four (restoration: all original with only 4800 miles) and '64 Impala (that we just pulled from a barn in Iowa a few months ago)
    I know there has to be some gearheads on this site! Let's hear what you guys got.

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    Re: Any Gear-Heads here? (and not the plastic kind)

    Sure, raised around it also. Grew up in a Dodge dealership. Now have a 54 Chev 1/2 ton that was my first vehicle. It has been apart years now and waiting on me to regroup with some more ambition and money I guess.

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    Re: Any Gear-Heads here? (and not the plastic kind)

    Yep I use to drag race snowmobiles and motorcycles. Now I have slowed down to Harleys and vintage honda mini trails. Have 2 ct70's 2qa50's 1z50 1 vespa 3 Harleys. Still growing.

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    Any Gear-Heads here? (and not the plastic kind)

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    Re: Any Gear-Heads here? (and not the plastic kind)

    I built this about 4 years ago. Cruiser bicycle with a Russian designed, Chinese made 48cc engine. Geared as is, top speed of 25 mph, and gets more than a hundred miles to the gallon. Oh, and it's fun to ride! Notice the tool bag under the top frame. It was an absolute necessity for the first 200 miles of working out the bugs.
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    Re: Any Gear-Heads here? (and not the plastic kind)

    I was a real motorhead until I had kids. Then they sucked all the money away. The one I sold right before my first son was born, was a silver blue 67 Super Sport Chevelle with a 396 block, 454 heads and crank and a Holley 800cfm on top. I had 15 inch Corvette Rally rims on it. The speedometer only went to 120 and I used to bury the needle going home from second shift.
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    Re: Any Gear-Heads here? (and not the plastic kind)

    Yep, did tons of work on my car, a 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo SS I've owned since 1988. I did all this stuff back in 1994-1996 and still drive the car as often as possible. In fact, tonight is the weekly local car cruise and I'll be going to that.

    Put new Computech Cam in it and roller lifters.

    Hooker headers and true dual exhaust into Flowmaster dual chamber mufflers.

    Built my own air cleaner housing to mate up with fiberglass Harwood cowl inducted hood, so it's actually functional getting cool air through a K&N filter.

    Put Southside bars on it so it turns like it's on rails.

    Removed all the smog crap system that was on it since it's not required here in Kansas.

    Had the tranny rebuilt with a shift kit so it shifts into 2nd gear hard enough to burn rubber.

    Put in a Hypertech chip and low temp thermostat to match.

    Installed an MSD ignition system (greatest overall noticed power gain of everything else I did).

    Put fog lights in the stock turn signal locations and made turn signals.

    Welded on stainless dual tip exhaust extensions.

    Had it painted a custom color.

    These are old photos but it still looks exactly like this, well except for different tires now.

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    Re: Any Gear-Heads here? (and not the plastic kind)

    I am not a Gear-Head by choice. In this business a car takes a punch.
    Fixing my own cars becomes a necessity. Costs R11000 to change a timing bet vs R2600 DIY.
    Same thing with all other things. Rebuilding engines, changing suspension parts.

    Not a fan means its eating money again...

    Take lots of time and attention. Do like classic cars.

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