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Thread: Nepotism

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    Re: Nepotism

    Quote Originally Posted by allan View Post
    This new generation is destroying everything.
    Spoon feeding is a cruel thing.

    What is the saying. The the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Yeah but it's not like the Great Depression generation wanted to be poor and hungry or WWII soldiers wanted to be shot at. They just had to deal with it and character was a result.

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    Re: Nepotism

    Re. Generations choosing different experiences.

    There is no universal definition of right or wrong in the grand plan of the universe, their is only "conscious" experiences.
    Any given personal life path comes down to a "choice" of life experiences, or a "force" of life experiences, either-or there just experiences.
    What is raised up one day can be beat down the next. We get to choose(free will) or not to choose(force will) to have that experience.

    There's no point dwelling on what you cannot change outside your own circle of influence.

    If you believe that the conscious beings purpose in the universe is never ending, then as such, there can be many many different life experiences to the universal/multiverse existent.
    What if we could count the stars... , what number would you stop at...?"
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    Re: Nepotism

    Been working here for almost 10 years and there's 1 thing I really hate.. Micromanagement.
    I have seen a couple of service managers and service delivery managers get fired.
    Aye! Cut the crap

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    Re: Nepotism

    Me, one tech in small company.
    Boss's only son who is a student is working in his free time to help with toner deliveries, paper work and every Friday clean-up Office.
    I guess it is STILL up to the family how to raise next generation. Do I like this kid, Yes I do!
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    Re: Nepotism

    Nepotism it self isn't a problem where I work, the Big Bosses son did work in sales for a while, didn't cause any problems before he headed off overseas to bigger and better things.
    However you do have to watch what you say to who as you never know who's related to whom.
    We have had at least 4 sets of fathers and sons working in Service, another 3 sets of brothers in sales, sisters working in accounts and salesmen like to employ their daughters as canvassers. One of the sons in Service married a daughter of a admin lady and she is an in-law of the Office Manager.

    Complicated? yep!! but not so much nepotistic as incestious!
    At least 50% of IT is a solution looking for a problem.

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