Today, D-day is a day I thank all the heroes including my dad who fought in Normandy France. If they didn't risk their lives in this battle, which was the turning point of the war Germany may have ruled the world! And most likely the US would be speaking German right now if we didn't win this battle!

My dad like other Vets from WWII didn't talk much about the war. After my dad was injured and received the Purple Heart he thought he was going home, instead they sent him back to the front lines with a "better job", driving a truck hauling dead bodies. He said he was never able to get the smell of those dead bodies out of his mind, he lived with this and the other horrible memories of that war his whole life, without speaking about it much. Later in life in his 80's he told me some of the good stories, one story I recall was on VE (Victory Europe) day all the soldiers had one or two French women, champagne, etc. The French were so grateful that we saved them.

Oh well rest in peace Dad and the other heroes from WWII. Thank you for your service!