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    Which Manufacturer gives the crappiest support ?

    We have all moaned about the machines, what about the Dealer Support Teams.

    I nominate Konica

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    I agree, it used to be quite good as Minolta but since the Konica take over, sorry i mean merger it is awful, all you get is 'nobody else is getting that problem' or 'have you updated the firmware'

    I have to say Kyocera support is 1st class.

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    About konica

    The only thing I don't like is when you order parts it takes to long,
    and they can't even indicate when their back orders are available.
    I don't think a customer wants to wait weeks for their machine. So yea
    Koycera Mita constantly sends me update notices all the time. SO thats good.

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    I get so frustrated with our support since they changed from telephone support to submitting support tickets via their website.
    What use to take 5 mins talking to someone on the phone now takes forever.
    The time you have typed out a detailed description of the problem and attached all the samples and logging they require you have wasted 30 mins.
    Then they reply back with some real basic crap to try that any tech worth a damn would have tried already.
    A day or two later after many replies back and forth you may get a solution to your problem if your lucky.

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    Which Manufacturer gives the crappiest support ?

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    Kyocera has very good technical, parts, and customer service support. The hotline and online training are OK.

    It has been a few years since I have dealt with them but Toshiba sucks giant donkey balls in all aspects of dealer support.

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    In my experience (and this is in Australia) i found Konica to have great tech support, they had 1-2 product specialists for each machine, and where allways able to help within a short time.

    With kyocera i have trouble getting onto support at times and getting callbacks but their good when i get them.

    Canon is fairly good although not allways the best english speakers.

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    I can speak for two brands; KonicaMinolta and Ricoh

    KM has really gone downhill since the merger. There is virtually no phone support anymore. The problem ticket is a real PITA to get started (filling in all the squares). As JSC mentioned, I get 'have you updated the firmware' and basic stuff. If I persist, it's "have you replaced the circuit board". Like I have spares laying around for all the new models....this was for a BH250. With the merger, they can't figure out a konica from a minolta when it comes to getting replacement boards. Part numbers in the manuals are messed up and phone help is anemic.

    Ricoh OTOH is sweet. I call, punch in the model, it tells me I'm not trained on that specific model and may have to wait on a low priority after trained techs get help first, 30 seconds later, I'm talking to someone that actually offers good advice. NO HASSLES!!!!!
    Getting an RMA is another story :>.

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    My Directors ordered up 4 C6500 Smarts today and we were quoted 8-10 weeks for delivery.
    This never happened when Minolta was around.
    Maybe we should go to HP, Develop, OCE, or Kyocera Mita !!!!!!!!
    Let us know if they are any good

    Many thanks


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    Tech support in general sucks. Many of the guys/gals that you talk to on the phone have never/ or not in a long time been in the field. So they have little to no "wrench time" on current equipment. Most to all of their "fixes" come from us field techs.

    So when you call, you might as well be logging onto their website and using their database.

    Speaking of which HP has about the WORST website since their merger all has gone downhill.

    I kinda like KonicaMinolta's phone support, but I have my own little reasons for that. Even though the minolta guys are driving that company into the dirt.

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    Thumbs down KM Tech Support

    Quote Originally Posted by scott_lewis View Post

    KM has really gone downhill since the merger.

    Second that emulsion, very true indeed.

    Standard phone support bs get-out clauses :

    1. 'Have you updated the firmware?'

    2. 'Never had that before......'

    3. 'No one else has ever had that before - are you sure about that ?'

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