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    Tech Specialist 1,000+ Posts Canuck's Avatar
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    Everyday...around noon. I don't work for free and they don't pay me enough to starve.

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    In 15 years, I would have had a relaxing, full lunch hour no more than 5 times. My car is my office, so eating between calls, zig-zagging across the city is the only way to eat.
    Of course, what I choose to eat must be easy to carry while driving, but as long as I eat something and have my continuous drip-fed coffee intake throughout the day.... everything is fine.
    I came from a country dealsership, where the next call would be over an hour drive away, so sitting down to eat something for an hour, then drive for an hour to the next call just seemed like the biggest waste of time. I could be out on the road, halfway there and just finishing my lunch. Now I'm in the city, quickly eating something between calls is the only way to go, because the next call might be in the building next door, not 1 hour away.

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    lunch is in the car on the way to the next call. i dont get paid for this, but it is just a big waste of time to stop and eat. i can log the drive time as lunch, and keep ohsa from bugging me.
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    Every day.

    I prefer to go between 11:00 and 11:30, as this cuts down the wait at almost any restaurant, either fast food or not.

    If I take a half hour, I work until 4:30. If I take an hour, I work until 5:00.

    I used to hit the drive through and grab something to eat "on the way", but I stopped doing that some years ago when I finally realized that it is not legal (at least in Ohio, anyway), healthy, or safe - not to mention all the droppings that it leaves behind in the car, as well as the smell - even if you vacuum and clean the interior often.
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    How'd ya manage that? 500+ Posts zed255's Avatar
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    Most often eat on the run between calls, every once in a while I grab a coffee with co-workers if we happen to be near one another and free at the same time. I often knock off a little early in place of lunch and breaks (officially 2x 15min breaks + 30min lunch).
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    I'm out of the copier game now (officially!) but I used to eat on the road (mostly)... I'd get an extra call or two done every week. Occasionally I'd go home for lunch (wink wink). If I was running late the boos-man would look the other way because he knew I usually ate on the road and I 'worked' more hours than I was paid for - if you average it out.
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    allways try and stop for lunch get 45 mins unpaid run a team of engs and encourage them all to take a break its important if im out with any of them I buy them lunch with customer expectations these days theres no more go home early because you worked througth lunch use it or lose it I use it ervryday

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    I get 30 mins for lunch, but I usually take only 15 minutes (around 12) and then use the other 15 minutes around 3pm for a coffee or something. If I am stuck on a job I will usually still stick to those matter if the machine is up or down... I cant think on an empty stomach. I usually have my lunch in the cold box in the car.

    Fridays are a good day for catching up with a few of my Techs and stretching it out for a bit longer over a Burger or something.

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    it is not is up to the calls& i used to have lunch at sweet home then take a nap after to refresh my mind..

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    I generally take a quick 15-20 minute break to eat, look at the paper, then on to the next call. Like Blackcat, I tend to lose momentum if any longer. If I finish early, so much the better. I also will start at my first call before 800 if the customer is open. It all evens out in the end.
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