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    Somewhat business as usual. Not surprising to me really, considering the economy practically sucks the wind out of the sail of many...

    But many of my customers are still happy to see me when I arrive to "save the day" so to speak.

    And in years past, one of our customers usually gives me a 26'r of 12y/o Gibsons Gold Seal.... What I Drink At Home: Gibson's Finest 12 Year Old Whiskey Review

    nice stuff that...I usually mix the hard stuff...not is so damn smooth, no mixing necessary. I have yet to see that customer this month, only a matter of time....dunno if they will pass another bottle on or not this year. If not, that is fine...they are cool customers anyway.

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    What is your Christmas story? Customer treats you good or is it business as usual.

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    I usually get several invites to the Christmas parties (along with the fake jamming call if I accept) except this year I got tied up at a down production machine and had to miss one of the invites. Darn - was going to be a nice party and its a good customer.

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