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Thread: "Robo" calls

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    "Robo" calls

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    "Robo" calls

    I've been getting a lot of "robo" calls on my home phone and cell phone (even with the 'Do Not Call' setup). I'm wondering if this is why I'm getting calls about the customer's fax not answering and printing out.
    Any ideas on how to 'combat' these unsolicited phone calls? Sometimes, I'll just let the caller go on and on, or answer yes/no without rhyme or reason.

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    Re: "Robo" calls

    Heh, that's why I've got an answering machine and caller ID - their machine can talk to my machine, and my machine has a pretty big delete button.
    Still, for people having that kind of problem with faxing, you might see if they will let you turn up the volume a little bit, so they can actually hear what is going on when there is an incoming call on their fax line that doesn't seem to work (kind of the same thing as using "On hook dial" to see of there's a problem with the receiving machine when diagnosing a TX problem).

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    Re: "Robo" calls

    I get a lot of missed calls on my home phone. Some just show "out of area" on the caller ID with no number. Others will have numbers but the ID will be of the format "City Name" followed by "State abbreviation".

    I am not certain but I think some of them are MediCare supplement offers. I think they started about a year ago and I hit 65 in December of last year. If I am correct, they are wasting their time. I am retired Army, mostly reserves, and therefore have Tricare for Life as my supplement for free.

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    "Robo" calls

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    Re: "Robo" calls

    I've noticed my new Galaxy S4 has a lot of firewall and blocking features to prevent unwanted SMS and calls. Else you should look up telemarketer pranks on youtube, some very good ideas. I'd have to assume it works for pesky customers too!

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