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    MP301 Duplex jamming

    Had a couple of these jamming when duplexing. I found these small brackets out of place. Also I found some information on using the old style fuser pawl, I am trying it and have had no issues as of yet.
    Just thought someone may want to know.
    MP301-jam-issue.jpgMP301-jam-issue1.jpg MP301-fuser-pawl.jpg

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    MP301 Duplex jamming

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    Re: MP301 Duplex jamming

    Thanks for this.
    Only have few of these out. All began with low meters, and got complaints about fuser jams on a couple of them very quickly. Switched over the Pickers for the old style and never a problem since, so I just started doing it on easdh one I got after that.
    Blows my mind when changes like this are made -the old ones still fit, and work, but for some STUPID reason they go and change the style of the ones that it uses


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