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    MP3351 scan to windows server2012

    Will you please
    I need to scan MP3351 to windows server2012, use smb
    Could have been used
    But a few days ago the customer's server2012 made a Microsoft update
    After the complete can not scan
    But with the company, mpc3500 can scan
    Customers say that we are the problem of machine firmware
    Will the hardware of the MP3351 how do I get it?
    Can someone help me?
    My email:

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    Re: MP3351 scan to windows server2012

    No, the problem is that a Windows Security Update turned off all connection support for SMB v1. The connection level is dependent on the OS which is a version of Unix and the connection software which is Samba that connects as SMB v1. Firmware only affects handshake and writing to folder after connection is made. There are some work arounds. See this thread.
    SMB1 turned off in latest security update

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    MP3351 scan to windows server2012

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    Re: MP3351 scan to windows server2012

    If SMB 1 has been turned off, For Windows 10 you can just go into Add/remove programs and then Turn Windows features on and off. Just look for SMB1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support. Put a check in the box and then reboot when prompted.


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