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    ricoh mpc 3500 ask for toner

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    Re: ricoh mpc 3500 ask for toner

    Quote Originally Posted by copier tech View Post
    A quick & simple way to check the toner pump is to swap it with another colour, the pipe is a slightly different shape but fits fine, it will enable you to quickly identify if the pump is faulty.
    That is of course after you have vacuumed the pump out so you don't contaminate the dev with the wrong colour.............just thought I'd point out the bleedin' obvious

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    Re: ricoh mpc 3500 ask for toner


    3045 to 1 makes the copier work, as far as I can understand it only deactivates the end toner message, but whatever was causing the message is still present, as
    Quote Originally Posted by slimslob View Post
    said it can be the RFID card or i think the actual chip in the cartridge.

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    PD: I am not in the states so these old machines are pretty common here (in South America) you can even find copiers like aficio 500 or 700.

    Thaks for everything
    You can run it with 3045 set to 1 until the toner bottle runs out. The toner sensor on the back of the nozzle will detect when there is no toner coming out of the bottle and put the machine in toner end. After th e bottle is replaced, change 3045 back to 0. If it continues to run, it was a bad chip on the bottle.


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