We're seeing a weird problem with a C6004 and AutoStore.

For some reason, we can't get AutoStore to output .tiff files; no matter what settings we change, the output is always a PDF.

The files get uploaded into a document management system, and while PDF is an accepted format, tiff is actually preferred.

All firmware on the MFP is current as of today (including the SOP). All of AutoStore (version 7, SP 4), is up to date, too.

According to AutoStore support, that model is supported.

The next step will most likely be to uninstall the SOP version, and replace it with the ESA version, but that is not a preferred solution, as the user interface would be quite different.

Unfortunately, I don't have another C6004 (or similar) to test with.

I've worked with AutoStore for many years now, and never seen an issue like this, but it is the first time with the C6004.