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    Lines on prints (mpc w2200sp)

    Black horizontal lines appears on printing.I have already performed flushing and print head cleaning but still the problem is same. I have attached the sample prints for your review. I think I need to change the black print head but I need your idea on this problem.IMG_20170917_112800.jpgIMG_20170917_122007.jpg

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    Re: Lines on prints (mpc w2200sp)

    My guess is that you have something on the bottom of the print head that is hanging down and touching the paper. it is picking ink up and then applying it to the paper on the next pass. After three passes it is then dried or has wiped all ink off.

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    Re: Lines on prints (mpc w2200sp)

    i think you have to replace maintenance recovery assy.

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    Re: Lines on prints (mpc w2200sp)

    Quote Originally Posted by Nasim View Post
    i think you have to replace maintenance recovery assy.
    Es correcto debe usted reemplazar la unidad de mantenimiento, por alguna razón se tapa el colector situado debajo del cabezal en su posición de reposo, las lineas serán, derrame mayor de tinta con el riesgo de inducir la falla de puerta abierta, dañando un fusible de la mcu.

    It is correct should you replace the maintenance unit, for some reason cover the manifold located underneath the head in its resting position, the lines will be, greater spill of ink with the risk of inducing the open door failure, damaging a fuse of the mcu board.


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