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    SP C252 SF with Scanner Carriage Error and Warming Up


    I hope someone can help me on this.
    We have a SPC252SF that started to say "Scanner Carriage Error".
    A fellow tech colleague went there and said he unplugged/plugged the Scanner connectors and that after sometime the Warming Up message stayed on and didn't disappear.

    While I was on holidays we had a new machine in and there were some boards swapping. I think my colleagues put the new boards (controller and Engine Board) on the bad machine and now we have 2 machines exactly with the same problem.

    Everytime the machine is turned on, it says "Scanner Carriage Error". If I press the Exit button it says "Warming Up" and the message never disappears. The fuser gets hot and the lamps turn on/off.
    Right now I'm focused on trying to solve the Warming Up message issue. It seems that the temperature control is being done correctly but the Engine Board is not getting any info about the temperature.
    I've updated the firmware and tested a new fuser. I did Init EEPROM to see if it could be some odd value on the EEPROM that is confusing the machine.
    I wanted to do a Factory Restore but I can't get into Factory Mode. I've asked to my regional Ricoh Specialist but he couldn't tell me how to do it.

    Can anyone help?


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    SP C252 SF with Scanner Carriage Error and Warming Up

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    Re: SP C252 SF with Scanner Carriage Error and Warming Up

    If I may highjack this thread, did you resolve this issue & may I ask how you updated the firmware is it via SD card as per most Ricoh models?
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    Re: SP C252 SF with Scanner Carriage Error and Warming Up

    Hi there!

    Updating these devices requires a PC and a usb connection. If it is network, you can use a cross cable.

    Download the update tool and simply follow the instructions. The firmwares are not the normal .rfu or fwu file extensions.
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