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Thread: Ricoh 1075

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    Ricoh 1075

    I went out a week ago to reattach a piece of mylar in the bypass ass'y which came off and had to pull the bypass ass'y to do so, (nightmare) went back a couple days ago to change the developer and replace the heat roller (both of which were just swapping out units, dev and fuser) when I fired the copier up to set developer the copier errored a SC322 code(laser 1 problem). I can reset the code only by unplugging the copier but it only last a short while after copier has been sitting idle and a copy is attempted it comes back. Not sure if code would come back during copying never ran many copies after resetting. Is this just the laser or a pcb problem or do I need to back track the work I did previously mainly the removal of the bypass ass'y. I did check the connections on the pcb I had to swing out to get bypass ass'y out and all looked fine???

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    Re: Ricoh 1075

    could be if you clean laser shield glass and toner was pile up on it toner might had fallen inside laser unit or might have had this problem and customer not saying was doing this already. Sounds like it time for them to upgrade to a newer model.

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    Re: Ricoh 1075

    From Goose's Guide:
    Laser synchronization detector error
    Make sure CN344 on IPU PCB pluged in correctly (bad connection)
    Replaced front door safety switch
    Replace laser sync detect PCB
    Replace laser diode PCB

    The best option is to sell the customer a new machine or do you enjoy working on dinosaurs.

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    Re: Ricoh 1075

    I have had the laser unit go bad, gotta replace it.

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    Re: Ricoh 1075

    If it's a laser sync detection error the sync detector could just be dirty. I've had that happen before.

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