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Thread: Ricoh ProC5100s

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    Ricoh ProC5100s

    We have a Ricoh ProC5100s. All is working fine apart form over the last few weeks we have notices in the background there are "thousands of little spots" printing in the background. I appreciate there will always be a few "spy dots" in the background but this is covering the whole whole sheet and can be seen with the naked eye. There are dots in the 4 colours but mainly magenta. If the print is full out you can't see it, with any blank areas on the sheet, you can clearly see them. We have had our second set of flyers rejected today. I have attached a photo through an eye glass to show what i mean, anyone have any ideas what is causing this?


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    Re: Ricoh ProC5100s

    What are the PM counters on? Is all the firmware up to date?
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    Re: Ricoh ProC5100s

    Have seen the same on 9110 and 7110, have no solutin hope there are someone who has a easy fix

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    Re: Ricoh ProC5100s

    Check the state of the charge roller. If it is dirty, have it replaced. If it happens after the machine idles or on a first run the machine isn't warm enough. I doubt that would be the case in summer but run SP3001-001. Could also be high humidity or degraded developer as well.

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