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    MP9000 Printer feature disabled

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    MP9000 Printer feature disabled

    Good morning, fellas! Here's one to mess with your brain (it did with mine):

    Got an old (of course) MP9000 that started with a SC220, which was solved by replacing the LD unit.

    Now everything's fine except for the Printer feature that is not recognized.

    When I press the Printer button, it double-beeps.

    If I format the HDD and then reboot the machine, it gives me a red Printer button and SC997 on the printer screen.

    If I reboot again, it double-beeps once more.

    Formatted both HDDs on a Windows PC and placed them back, without success. Also cleaned RAMs and double-checked boards connections.

    Scanner function gives no problems.

    Do I have a bad Scanner/Printer SD card? Or could it be something else?

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    Re: MP9000 Printer feature disabled

    The device usually have 2 DIMMs 256MB and a 128MB. I just dunno which of which is assigned to Printer and scanner.
    It could be that 1 of the DIMMs is faulty causing it to give sC997
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    Re: MP9000 Printer feature disabled

    Could also be someone's enabled the application invalidation for the printer function as if it has a Fiery. 997 is an application selection error.
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