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Thread: aficio 2022

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    Re: aficio 2022

    Quote Originally Posted by fshead View Post
    do your lungs and customer a favor and blow that machine up..
    I both loved and hated that stupid drum unit...
    You can try a new 1027 but they wont last long and that leakamatic will scatter toner on your feed rollers and tray
    in time..
    Quote Originally Posted by jonhiker View Post
    replace the pcu, this model uses the 1027 PCU, i think the number is 411018.. the type 1027 were not meant to be rebuilt in the field, but swapped out as a whole unit. the old unit is then sent to a place that rebuilds them.
    If you get a "new" PCU and the product either starts or end with a "R" it is a Rebuilt unit.

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    Re: aficio 2022

    Forgotten to mention:
    The front ball bearing of the pressure roller is not at the proper place, due to the green lever wich has been broken (green lever for customer to easily remove jamed paper).
    Or bad paper !!!

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    Re: aficio 2022

    First, I'm leaning towards toner on the slit glass...

    Second, fuser press roller jumped out of postion ???

    Scan a sample copy of the fault and post the image to the forum.

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    Re: aficio 2022

    Quote Originally Posted by Gab View Post
    Image at the half was ok but at the other half were white areas like waves. I have seen it a lot of times when developer is missing.
    Because customer didn't want to spend lot of money i replaced developer (type 28) and alla gears. Executed 2 802 and 2 802 programs. first it worked fine but next day the same problem . Any idea(except to replace the hole drum unit) ?
    Dev init is 2801, just use 411018.

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