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    MP-C4000 toner issue

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    Cool MP-C4000 toner issue

    hello good people

    attended this machine today which was throwing up "Y & M toner depleted" messages regularly - client was re-seating both and machine would work for a bit then repeat message (pumps about to die/on way out/buggered)

    went out there and fitted a new Y pump (client didn't mention M when they called), rebooted and machine said "adding toner" which completed and machine came to ready, but after ONE colour print machine threw up 'yellow toner depleted' again (didn't see any M messages while onsite) - vacuumed out all toner pipes (from the toner bottle end, with toner pipe disconnected from pumps) til i got good airflow from all pipes, also vacuumed the pumps with the gate open and pipe disconnected

    went into service mode - toner remaining on both Y & M showed negative numbers (-600ish grams and -400ish grams respectively). Fitted new toners and while the display indicator showed full toners, service mode still showed the same negative numbers, so i refitted the original half full genuine toners - performed 'memory clear - engine' which made no change to the negative numbers, re-fitted the new Y & M toner, cleared engine memory again and both came to positive (around 400+ grams)

    re-entered all the SP mode data from the SP list in the door and had to manually work out 'colour calibration correction' fields before 'colour calibration' would work without throwing an error - upon completion machine now says K & C toners are 'aftermarket' even though they are genuine Ricoh toners...... same toners showed as genuine prior to this

    put the half full toners back in and they were recognised as genuine, put the full toner back in and it says 'aftermarket' - corrupted RFID chips due to re-insertion? or bad RFID board?

    client called back shortly after i left to say M had thrown up the message again (evidently a new M toner pump is required)

    thus far it seems a new M pump is required, however i'm wondering if the RFID board is stuffed? and perhaps a firmware upgrade is required? why else would the machine see genuine toners as 'aftermarket' ??????

    machine has done 230k colour and 475k mono -all consumables have been replaced as required and machine is regularly maintained with finesse

    any further info is very much appreciated

    muchos grassyass


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    Re: MP-C4000 toner issue

    Either the RFID chips on the bottle are bad or the RFID sensor board is bad. Having trouble with 2 color most likely is the board. Turn off SP 3045. This turns off the RFID system. Replace the RFID board and wait until both Y and M bottles are replaced before turning 3045 back on since the negative numbers may already be written to the chips om them.

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