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    Re: Rcoh MP7503 and MPC 5504ex with sadf

    If your machine has an SP6901-1 Set it to 1 from zero. It allows higher stackability which slows down the adf a little to eliminate the Jam 63 separation jams. Also we have been taking the old reverse roller hub (Black) and putting the AF03-2080 Rubber on that Black hub with great results, no need for spacers because the black hub is wider than the blue hub the 2080 tire was on. Also ive been trimming the highest mylar that sits on the reverse roller down a little and that has worked great too. I've even removed them without any issue. I think that mylar sits too high allowing the paper to go over the reverse roller causing the jam 063. There is custom firmware for the MP6503 that slows down the adf and it works also, but the SP6901-1 needs to be 0 not 1. With these steps all machines we have had the problems with have stopped. Have a good day!!

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    Re: Rcoh MP7503 and MPC 5504ex with sadf

    Lets start with the jamming and double feed, it occurs approx. every 5 scanning. A scanjob is about 100-150 pages and mainly 80 gsm paper, but as it is an court there are sometimes handwritten pages in the scan job.
    Torq,pickup,sep and feed belt are exchanged at least three times. The machines where installed in September 2018, and the problem occurs on two machines.

    The originals are stored in folders some plastic and some is paper, some folder is wrap around the original.
    We have mounted antistatic brush but it don't seems to have much effect.

    We are scanning A4 R, shortside first and it seems that there is lesser jamming, as mentioned every 5 job or so.
    Using "mixed originals" as standard
    But i would like to slow down the scanning speed to around 100 ppm to see if that helps.

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    Re: Rcoh MP7503 and MPC 5504ex with sadf

    Quote Originally Posted by tjvincent View Post
    Ricoh is working on this issue, probably getting 063 jam codes ?
    Try using an AF032080 or AF032041 tire, you will have to pull off the old one and use the original hub since it's wider
    Do you mean to use paper tray sep roller as a DF sep roller?

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    Re: Rcoh MP7503 and MPC 5504ex with sadf

    Yes, that would be correct, AF032080 is a blue paper seperation roller.
    There was new DF firmware released yesterday from Ricoh and the Read Me mentions DF 063 jams, it was released for the following models:
    MP 6503/7503/9003
    MP 4054/5054/6054
    MP 2555/3055/3555/4055/5055/6055
    MPC 6503/C8003
    Pro C5210/C5200
    MPC 6502/8002
    MPC Pro 5100/5110
    MPC 4503/C5503/C6003
    MPC 2004/C2504/3004/C3504/C4504/C5504/C6004
    MPC 3004ex/3504ex/4504ex/6004ex
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    Re: Rcoh MP7503 and MPC 5504ex with sadf

    Check the latest bullentin.firmware plus new separation pad pn d6839102

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