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Have the infamous loading toner msg on black, replaced the pump, still wasn't loading, so replaced with another new pump..... Toner still not getting to dev unit.

I've done dozens of these pumps in the past with no issues.

Vacuumed out the toner hopper, replaced the hose, verified the shutters on dev and pump are opening. If I disconnect the hose at the pump, it is filled with toner, but if I cover the dev inlet, run force add toner, there is no toner sitting there(maybe a tiny splash )

I can't recall what motors drives pump, but the drive gears appear to be spinning, but I can't be certain if they are moving when the pump clutch engages.

I just can't figure out why I have toner in a fresh tube leading to the pump, but no toner coming out of the pump.

FYI, if I manually add toner to dev, the machine is satisfied and msg goes away. I currently added toner manually and turned off end detection until I return.

This might be Your wire link between toner pump or your pcu id sensor have some problem