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    Ricoh Aficio MP C2551

    Called for apparent problem with unknown error code that would come up after 8 copies.

    1. error code was a SC362. ran sp to set all TD sensors error code went away. Was told that copier kept calling for cyan toner(cartridge is full). The sensor on the cyan toner hopper had come off customer has son-in-law that does the fine soldering and reattached sensor(this was done prior to my call but when customer first was having issues with cyan and I had told him the sensor was loose; had no problems for well over couple months with copier being used). Blue copies look purple.

    2. I tried running auto calibration and color registration in User tools. I could print out the test page yet the scan would always fail??? Never done this before not sure if it's something I'm doing or not doing right(no service manual).

    3. Copier tabs Edit color and duplex/combine are always on. To make copy without duplex I have to cancel them. I've seen this in older copiers and could reset in user tools but can't find it in this copier. Only happens when copying not printing(duplex). I don't believe they should be on need direction on how to turn them off.


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    Ricoh Aficio MP C2551

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    Re: Ricoh Aficio MP C2551

    Input the settings that you like on the copier screen, then program as default. As far as purple blues, clean the ID sensors. Clean the optics thoroughly before color calibration. You need to get a service manual.

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    Re: Ricoh Aficio MP C2551

    You can turn off edit color and duplex then press program, program as defaults

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