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I dont have much hope, but I have a customer with both an old MPC4500 and a newer MPC4503. The color output on the mpc4500 is what they have become used to. The MPC4503 printer much close to what is on the screen. Anyone have any pointer for making the new machines look like an old machine? The main color issues are the grays need to be more brown, and the purples need to be less blue. I have been trying driver tweaks but have not had any luck so far.
If you know how to color balance...

􀂃 The ACC is usually sufficient to adjust the color balance to get the best print output. You
only need the printer gamma correction to fine-tune to meet user requirements.
Use SP modes if you want to modify the printer gamma curve created with ACC. You can adjust
the gamma data for the following:
􀂃 Highlight
􀂃 Middle
􀂃 Shadow areas
􀂃 IDmax.
The adjustable range is from 0 to 30 (31 steps).
Copy Mode

Page 4-177 in the Service Manual. If you don't know how a color wheel works, you see adjust color in the user tools. but that will go away once you calibrate.