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    Re: Duplex problem - Ricoh mp2000

    Quote Originally Posted by COPIERMAN View Post
    i just wanted to say congratulation on fixing copier. I hope my information was helpful in fixing it. they have a television called

    someone who can fix anything.

    hahah I am one of the generation who watched this television series, I was born in 1984 .. thank you

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    Duplex problem - Ricoh mp2000

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    Re: Duplex problem - Ricoh mp2000

    Quote Originally Posted by mo.salama View Post
    Sir, I remind you for the second time that I do not mind dealing with maintenance engineers. I am not a man who prevents the livelihood of people, but in Egypt we do not have efficiency or safety. You find that someone does not understand what you understand and tells you to change a part of the machine just because he can not fix it. And not because this part needs to change

    There is a lot of lies and no sincerity in this work here in Egypt and greed to just make money, this is what I fight and reject it and try to do it myself because and with my respect to all the specialists here I say .. I can fix this machine.

    I will give you examples of exploitation, first you have to know that in Egypt we are mostly under the poverty line, and the Egyptian people suffer from poverty and the military rule dirty, these machines we do not buy here as new, but imported used from Europe, who import these things do not sell them to the customer directly as it is, But he sees the client, if he sees him ignorant, and the machine will be use in A4 only , he just replacement all the A3 parts and take full the price to because the client just don't know !! this is one

    Another thing is to bargain on idle machines at a very small amount and replace them with used ones for an exaggerated amount, then repair the minor defect of the first and sell it as completely new from Europe to another client ! , one of the engineers offered to buy my machine for 500 pounds while the new cost 6000 !! and it works good just not complete the duplex , in the end This is a stole not engineering .

    the right door that i bay , i asked one of them in the seem area with me a bout price he asked 1350 pound !! And I bought it from a person with a real price after a great effort and travel for a long distance by only 350 pound !!

    Give me a competent and honest person and do not drain the money by stealing it and I will enjoy the event with him While he reconciles the machine and give him what he is asking for. that's it .. but here .. we are just stolen and cheated ..

    I hope I have made my point clear. In this stressful discussion .. And I want you to rest assured, the people in Egypt, simple, most of them do not know anything, and do not has the skill of deconstructing things that he has no experience in .. and trying to fix it, Not all of us are do this . So You should not be so afraid of your work ..
    Maybe I'm just as some call me, a genius, I can do what I want to do with the machines and amazing that every time, it works , I have already read the words that angered me and hurt my feelings here yesterday .. I did not leave the machine yesterday until it is already working. yes in the end .. i fix it

    I will explain in another response in detail how i fixed it, after your permission of course, and if you do not consider this disclosure to the secret of your work ..
    I don't care about your woes.. personally or nationaly.
    Go find a soft shoulder to cry on... I stand on my own two feet and could cares less about other people's problems in other countries.. you officials did that to your country.
    I am not responsible for that, nor do I give a rat's ass!

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    Re: Duplex problem - Ricoh mp2000

    ok ..

    and That's all I did

    The next steps i have made before i just reminder to Benefit anyone who has the subject
    1- Extract all sensors and clean them and make sure they work.
    2- Unscrew the side door and clean the duplex unit.
    3- Check electrical connections
    4- I did it without changing the side door, and I changed the side door after that because the bypass was also stopped and its position was generally badو I was sure the duplex would not work well while the door position was bad
    (( after change the side door ))
    1- the bypass working well but duplex still not .
    2- i come here and ask ( Regardless of the improper way some people treated me here ) I arrived to chick input to make sour about the sensors .
    ( after that I was very nervous and opened the machine and I kept thinking, and then I noticed that the paper showed signs of too much pressure from the early clouds under the duplex unit so here,
    So I reduced the pressure on the pulley here

    but duplex still not working .. here i am sure that is electrical problem because i have do every thing already in the mechanical parts, so i replacement the back cover of hole machine again and chick the electronic board and weirs and find the problem finally !

    .................................................. .................................................. ........

    When I bought the side door I discovered that the Socket plug is a male type while The old door was the Socket plug by the female type and machine socket is mail ,
    and Instead of replacing the new socket with the old one simply, I hesitated about dismantling the parts of the new door, especially that access to the bypass Socket Includes the dismantling of a large part of the door including the duplex unit ,, so ,, I have implemented a temporary idea is to connect the male socket in the machine with the same mail socket in the door Through the Ready short weirs which i used in some of the arduino projects to save time!

    Maybe this is stupid, but I work in my a small shop and my customers always occupy my time, and we are Muslims in "Ramadan" so I do not have enough time, so I did this, and it worked fine but I forgot something very important

    The door is constantly motionless , so one of these wires was removed from its position and was confirmed by two things. First, the value of one of the sensors in the chick input was 01 instead of 00 Which means that it is unplugged and because I have detected all the sensors outside the machine and found it working then the problem is in the weirs >>
    the finally result With my English that does not give birth, nor bleaching unfortunately

    Finally, I advise some engineers, if you are not willing to share your knowledge and help fix things for people from other countries, in fact from other continents, then please allow the forum to be private rather than insulting someone Just looking for continuing his simple work that will not hurt you ..

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