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    SP C360SFNw scanning via wifi

    I have a new customer that just got a SP C360SFNw.
    He is able to print to it wirelessly, but he is not able to get it to scan wirelessly.
    He has extremely limited access hour. The machine is at his private residence. The soonest he is available for me to meet him is 2 weeks from now.
    I'm trying to find anything that says this machine supports wireless scanning, and if it does is there documentation on how to set it up?

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    SP C360SFNw scanning via wifi

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    Re: SP C360SFNw scanning via wifi

    I have No experience with this specific model at all, but if it's connected for wireless printing, then he simply doesn't know how to set it up to scan to folder or email.
    There is nothing 'special' about the scanning configuration just because it isn't hard-wired to a router.

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    Re: SP C360SFNw scanning via wifi

    A couple of things to consider:
    1. If the computer is a newer Apple, it may not have factory installed support for SMB regardless of the version. If so a third party SAMBA service will need to be installed.
    2. I have encountered USB WiFi adapters that block all file sharing.

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    Re: SP C360SFNw scanning via wifi

    If he is using SOP Wifi then this only supports printing to the panel, the device itself is not networked and network scanning will not be available.

    Scan to usb stick is the easy option.

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