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    Exclamation mpc scan to folder smb

    have a customer that has 2 xp pc's linked to an mpc2500 via a linksys access point. Printing is ok and both pc's ping the copier address, however the machine will not connect when trying to scan. All the paths/username and password are correct. Even when I 'browse' from the machine it should at least see the pc but it doesn't. Apparntly it was working but 'suddenly' stopped- any ideas please

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    mpc scan to folder smb

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    Turn off any firewalls

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    I agree, check to see if they have recently installed internet security/antivurus packages such as McAfee or Norton. If so, you may have to disable the firewalls, or open the ports for file sharing. You also may have to set to allow incoming connections.

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    They may have "accidentally" installed a software suite that can be a pain to properly tweak to make it work for scanning. It can be done, but each suite has its own settings which take a bit to get familiar with.

    See if you can sit at a machine and poke around a bit for some new software or other setting that is now keeping it from working.

    When you say it was apparently working, is this a new account for your company? What I'm asking is, were you involved in the initial setup or have you ever seen the machine actually scan at this account? The "it has always...." thing is heard a lot, but we as techs know better sometimes.
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    Check your shared folder permissions. Must have full rights and be able to modify the contents of the folder. Make sure 'everyone' is on the list of permissions.

    Otherwise, what the other guys said... firewall, a/v program, possibly authentication password has changed?

    Verify the gateway address is correct also.
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    I would assume that you've tried SMB scanning using IP Address as opposed to hostname?

    Try a ping to the pc using the ping option within the interface settings tab of the MPC? if this is all ok, it has to be a firewall blocking the smb side of things.

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