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Thread: savin 9025

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    savin 9025

    hello all ive got a savin 9025 that is getting light copies on one side and the rest of the copy is a little washed out i have cleaned the optics completly with no change. if you print from the service mode or from the computer everything is fine it is only light when useing the optics so i know its optical im just not sure what part may be causeing this issue hopefully someone can help

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    Double check the toner shield glass. I know this sounds crazy but I had a 9033b recently with the same issue and it was a filthy shield glass. I still can't figure out why my internal prints were fine but my scanned images were garbage... But, it fixed it!

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    savin 9025

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    Check the scanner level, if it's bent downward in the front left you will get light scans. Lift it up when you make a copy to test it.

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