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    Brad A.

    'Yield Question ...


    I\\\'m confused over different yield quotes for what I thought would
    be the same toners.

    Our Ricoh 3006 our Savin SDC 306E both have identical internals.
    However, when I look for black toner carts for them, the Ricoh type K1\'s
    (#887914) are shown with yields of 9600 per cart. The Savin type K1\'s
    (#5418) are shown as yielding a little more than half that number per cart.
    The Ricohs are supposed to have 220gm/ct, but I can\'t find a weight for
    the Savins online.

    Does Savin give you less toner per cart than Ricoh, or is there something
    else going on that I\'m not seeing.

    -brad a.

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    Re:'Yield Question ...

    Toner yield is based on a Black-to-white ratio. Minolta, for instance, used to quote a 6% B/W ratio which is about equal to one short paragraph per page. Not very realistic but it looks good on paper.
    Don\'t know for sure, but I suspect this is why the yield is different in the case you mention. One mfg. has a higher B/W ratio they use for toner yield.

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    'Yield Question ...

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    Re:'Yield Question ...

    I have been in the biz for a while and I still cant figure out why copiers (6%), fax (3.5%), and printer (5%) yields are measured differenty. There was an interesting article posted here befor the crash about Kyocera supporting a new international standard for B&W yields measurement.

    I did some digging around the Mita website and forund the link. Maybe the board guys could post it again for us.

    Any way, here it is:

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    Re:'Yield Question ...

    HP has a real good page full of info with a better explanation of what it all means.

    Check it out
    I'm going back to Cali, Cali, Cali...

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