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    Gestetner c7528n - MAGENTA development unit "dead"

    Magenta is not printing (magenta development unit is not rotating).

    How to be sure that buying a new magenta development unit will solve this problem?

    Is there anything else to check before ordering a new dev. unit?
    Or - is there some way to determine other possible reasons for "dead magenta dev. unit"?

    Thank you for help

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    probably itīs the dev clutch. change the dev clutch or the dev unity

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    Changed with a new magenta development unit, but without results.

    I can "see" motor rotating, operating spinning part which should rotate plastic wheels on dev unit... but dev unit is still "dead".

    Dev clutch is part between dev motor and dev unit? That part, as I see it when I take out dev unit, is rotating ok.

    Help, please... any way to check it through service-meny test?

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    Right! I switched Magenta and Cyan develop. clutches and now I have no Cyan printing.
    that means that one of clutches is "dead" or wrong.

    Time to change it.
    Thank you for help

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