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    Question Scan to mail on Gestetner DSM618


    Pls i want information about scan to mail on DSM618/Mp2000 & other.
    My question is that i can used Gmail smtp as SMTP server ex:
    My client wanted to used scan to mail but no exchange server, only ADSL.What
    i can i do about that.


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    with this old model we cant use scan to email using gmail. but some newer models can like mpc 3001,mpc 4501.

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    rsyarcia is right. This models do not support SSL. Only the newest version of controllers alows you to do that.
    Although you can try. I've seen it work with the MP171 (the controller is basically similar).
    You can make a search here and you will find help (i think you need to change the SMTP port)

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    Scan to mail on Gestetner DSM618

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    Use the IP address of gmail and the port# 587.
    In command prompt type "ping" to get the IP.

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    Scan to mail on Gestetner DSM618

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    Though this won't help you, here is Ricoh's setup instructions for the newer devices using SSL....
    How do I setup SMTP over SSL on a Ricoh Family group device

    • This procedure enables the use of SMTP over SSL using Port 465 (this port number cannot be changed).
    • Some mail servers require that SMTP be used.
    • Most SMTP over SSL settings can only be configured via the operation panel.
    • The only setting related to SMTP over SSL that can be configured via Web Image Monitor (WIM) is the Site certificate: Configuration > Security > Site certificate.
    • TLS is not supported.
    • This procedure uses Google Gmail for the SMTP server, and Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox for the browser. However, these are only used as examples.

    1. Open either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox
    1. Open Firefox.
    2. Select [Tools] => [Options].
    3. Click the [Advanced] Tab then select [View Certificates].
    4. Click on the [Authorities] tab.
    5. Scroll through the list Until you see [Equifax].
    6. Select [Google Internet Authority] then select the [Export] button.
    7. Select a location to [Export the Certificate] then click [Save].
    8. Click [OK] to close the Certificate Manager.

    Internet Explorer
    1. Open internet Explorer.
    2. Select [Internet Options].
    3. Select the [Contents] tab then select [Certificates].
    4. Select the [Trusted Root Certificates Authorities] tab.
    5. Scroll the list and locate [Equifax Secure Authority Certificate].
    6. Click the [Export] button.
    7. Click [Next] in the Wizard.
    8. Select [Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER)] and click [Next].
    9. Click the [Browse] button and choose where to save the certificate and name the file, then click [Save].
    10. Click [Next] in the Wizard, then click [Finish].
    11. A message should appear that the export was successful. Click [OK].
    12. Click [Close] to close the [Certificates] window, click [OK] to Exit Internet Option.
    1. In your browser, enter the IP address of the Ricoh Family group device.
    2. Click [Login] and login as Administrator.
    3. Click on the [Configuration] link.
    4. Under the [Security Section], click on [Site Certificate].
    5. Click on the [Browse] button and navigate to the location where the certificate resides.
    6. Click on the import button. Once completed, the certificate will appear under Imported Site Certificates. Click [OK], then close Web image Monitor.
    7. Go to the device and Select [User tools] => [System Settings] => [File transfer] => [SMTP Server].
    8. Enter the address for your SMTP server (in this example: "") and turn ON [Use secure Connection(SSL)], then click [OK].
    9. Select [SMTP Authentication].
    10. Enter a valid email address, user name and password to authenticate with and click [OK].
    11. Exit [User Tools].

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    tnx teebee1234

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