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    Unhappy Misfeed fusing unit

    I have a spare Ricoh AP3800c (Badged as Infotec IP280), in generally good condition. It give an error ‘Remove Misfeed B: Fusing Unit’ on start-up. This is before any paper movement/ printing occurs. There is no misfeed or stray bits of paper in this region. The manual is not helpful, It refers to a ‘Fusing exit sensor’ that can give this message, the sensor is said to be located at the top near front corner of the machine, I cannot find it. Has anyone any ideas as to the cause of this error message? Is there a quick fix? If not It will become a source of spares. Thank you in advance, Myrfin

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    Have you checked the fusing connector for paper scraps?
    Computers are serious tools, Michael!

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    Hi, I have inspected very carefully the whole paper path from trays to the fuser section I was unable see any scrap or sliver of paper etc. I used a gentle air blast to dislodge any scraps. I have exchanged the Fuser / Fuser Oil unit with one from another machine that is working perfectly. I have removed and examined the transfer and duplex unit.
    None of this has had any effect. I am stumped. regards Myrfin

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    If you removed (working units) from another machine to this machine, With no affect!!! then i would suggest changing the the photointeruptors before the fusing section and paper exit sensor after the fusing section to eliminate these...

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    Hi Masterchief, I prostrate myself before you O wise one: I changed the paper exit sensor and lo: all is as it should be, thanks a million , Myrfin

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