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    bypass tray locked

    I am working on an mpc3001. The bypass tray works when copying. It shows a lock symbol on the printer screen. We have deleted and reinstalled the machine with two different postscript drivers. We have changed
    every setting that we can think of on the machine and the computer. I moved the 11x17 paper to tray 2 and the job prints fine. When we print to the bypass, it prints out of tray 1 that has 8.5x11. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: bypass tray locked

    The key/lock symbol displayed on the MFD's operations panel alongside a paper feed tray and/or bypass is an indicator. It identifies whether Auto Paper Select is enabled (No Key/Lock) or disabled (Key/Lock) per station.

    The Auto Paper Select function is not supported for the bypass tray, hence the lock symbol is permanently displayed.

    Auto size detect is supported for standard paper sizes (RT* (Printer Operators) Manual) all other sizes and types need to be configured in User Tools. Provided the configuration in User Tools, page set up in the application and the print driver match the job will be printed from the correct station.

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    bypass tray locked

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    Re: bypass tray locked

    If you want to print to the bypass tray, it has to be manually selected from the printer properties

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