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    SC 304 on MP 5001

    I had 2 MP5001 on a same company they sit just about 25 feet away each other, one had sc 304 ( Charge roller voltage leaked ) at 65K, one at 33K. I checked Sp2001 value was high close to 1900, Mag roller is new kind with shiny surface coating black half of roller, I cleaned mag roller to shiny and check ID senor (not dirty), run multiple copied to tone up copies for good density. Leave and 2 days I got Sc304 again. I ended up to replace drum, charge roller, blade, developer.
    Someone had this problem ?

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    Re: SC 304 on MP 5001

    Yeah, unfortunately this is a problem with this breed of machine. They rarely last 150k without needing a bag of developer, but by the sound of it your two machines have been in there for a while and seen quite low usage. Doesn't surprise me you had to replace all those parts neither, they are a parts and labour hungry thing.

    Computers are serious tools, Michael!

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    Re: SC 304 on MP 5001

    This machine and all of it's past versions back to the Aficio 350 are all a POS.
    Running dirty and jamming are it's character traits.
    I can do a full blown PM and get background either immediately or a week or two later.
    Sometimes even after scrubbing the mag roller and cleaning the doctor blade it still does not go away.
    I want to put a stick of dynamite in it and light the fuse. ( just kidding, I would never do that and don't condone a thing like that......just venting here folks)

    Anywho......Anybody have any other tricks to fix this issue?


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    Re: SC 304 on MP 5001

    I had this problem of sc 304 and support assistance Ricoh I recommend replacing the entire carcass of the drum because probably disperses current .
    As soon as the change will let you know.

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