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Thread: Savin 9935DPE

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    Savin 9935DPE

    I\'m working on a savin 9935DPE that I\'m trying to flash the NVRAM
    The problem that I\'m having is with the instructions in the service
    manual. It says to insert the card blah blah blah, the problem I\'m
    having is it says to turn on the main switch while holding down
    the operation switch.
    Where the hell is the operation switch?
    Now keep in mind that the 9935DP and 9935DPE are different
    animals when it comes to flashing the NVRAM.
    We only have like 1 or maybe 2 of these in the field so none of
    our techs have a clue.
    I hope one of you guys can tell me where the damn thing is.

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    Savin 9935DPE

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    Re:Savin 9935DPE

    AS with all Savin/Ricoh machines the operation switch is the on/off switch on the operation panel RH side. So hold down the swich and turn on the \"RED\" power switch. And they are different animals, The DPE requires this to upgrade firmware. Last known current firmwares DPE was \"D\", The DP was \"Z\". :evil: :evil: :evil:

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    Re:Savin 9935DPE

    Everybody love a wid=seass when he knows the answer. Kudo\'s to you /Z/ you got it on the nose. :laugh:

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