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    Aficio 4106 black line

    Hello there: My Ricoh Aficio 4106 prints a black line straight down every page I print. It is always in the same place and occurs down the length of the entire page. Any suggestions as to what might be causing this and how to fix? It started gradually and has become worse over the last 300 pages.

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    Re:Aficio 4106 black line

    basics my friend. is it comming straight fromt the printer - no optics involved? check the drum, cleaning blade, charge corona, and the laser lens. sometimes ozone gets on there and causes some problems. next go to the t/s/ corona unit, is it clean? last look at the fuser rollers are they worn??

    is optics is involved, CLEAN THE SCAN GLASS!
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    Aficio 4106 black line

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    Re:Aficio 4106 black line

    B) CMB your on target!! On this machine the end user can print a calibration page from the user tools , or a fiery test page if so equiped. If optics are eliminated the charge wire and grid are the next thing to check. There is a soft organic drum, and an image transfer belt to check. Then there\'s always the Rubber fuser rollers!
    There\'s alot to this animal, hard to pick up on all of it , if your a new tech to it. Definatly not for the end user to maintain.:evil: :evil: :evil:
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