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    SPC 811DN & SR3000 booklet fin staples wrong!

    When doing booklet no matter size it staples 2 at same place in the center of papper This only happens on booklet
    Staple in corners works ok.
    Any clue?????

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    Re: SPC 811DN & SR3000 booklet fin staples wrong!

    The SR3000 only has one stapler - does it move freely - or do you hear strange sounds when it does booklet stapling?Manual says this:The stapler unit motor [B] moves the stapler from side to side. The stapler unit HP sensor[C] detects when the stapler unit is at home position.ANDIn booklet mode, at the start of a job, the stapler moves to a starting position that dependson the paper size, as follows:! B4 or shorter than B4: Rear side staple position! Longer Than B4: Center position. When the stapler is at the center position,bracket [E] releases ‘stopper L’, which catches the bottom edge of the paper forbooklet stapling with longer paper sizes. This will be described in a later section.If the stapler safety sensor [D] detects the stapler unit at its initialization, the stapler unitstops moving until the stack feed out belt pawl and stopper S are at home position. If thestapler unit does not stop, it could collide with the pawl and/or the stopper.Hope it helps. There is nothing in troubleshooting about the staple operation.Best would be to try and see what the stapler is doing at the time of staple operation. There should be no sounds that sound like labouring or load on the stapler transport motor. Can you freely move the staple assembly from side to side? Or does it stick anywhere along the line? I'm not sure if this model has these, but on some there are 2 silver metal brackets (at the bottom of the jogger assembly) that hold the paper when in jogger mode. If any of these are bent it could catch the stapler and cause it to stop in the wrong place.Please keep us posted.

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